The Best Diptyque Perfumes in 2024

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Since the late sixties, the French perfumer Diptyque has crafted fragrances that are nostalgic, inspiring, and uplifting. These scents are inspired by the founder’s travels across the world; from the remote points of Vietnam, the fig groves of Greece, to the magnificent temples of China

Diptyque’s catalog is therefore boundless. So before diving into the complete selection of best fragrances, we’ll uncover our top picks of Diptique perfumes.

Our Current Diptyque Perfume Top Picks

  • Most popular & best selling Diptyque perfume: Philosykos
    A fresh scent with notes of fig, fig leaf, and coconut.
  • Best smelling Diptyque perfume: L’Ombre Dans L’Eau
    A lush, heady fragrance with notes of blackcurrant, mandarin, and myrrh.
  • Best Diptyque perfume for women: Eau Rose
    A rich floral with notes of rose, jasmine, and bergamot.
  • Best Diptyque perfume for men: Tam Dao
    An alluring cologne with notes of sandalwood, cedar, and amber.
  • Newest Diptyque perfume: Fleur de Peau
    A feminine and powdery aroma with notes of pink pepper, iris, and amberwood.

Check out our video of Diptyque’s current top fragrances:

Learn about these fragrances and many more by reading our review of the top ten best Diptyque perfumes.

Top List of the 10 Best Diptyque Perfumes

Diptyque has been crafting perfumes since the late sixties, and during that time, they’ve released many magnificent fragrances. Let us help you find the best of the best from this luxurious perfumery.

1. Philosykos



Philosykos is one of Diptyque’s best-selling, great smelling fragrances, and with one spray, you will discover why. Upon the first spritz, Philosykos drenches the air with lush, verdant top notes of fig and fig leaf. Then as it dries, the fragrance mellows to middle notes of coconut and green leaves before drying completely to base notes of cedar and fig tree. These hints of greenery and musk make Philosykos an ideal choice for women.

Philosykos is the perfect fragrance for moments when you want to make a strong impression, such as a first date or a job interview.
Though its longevity is brief, its sillage is strong. As you confidently carry yourself to that first date or that interview for your dream job, your scent stays in the room long after you leave, ensuring you will be remembered.

2. Tam Dao

Tam Dao


Diptyque’s signature cologne Tam Dao is an excellent choice for men. This rich, woodsy fragrance begins with peppery top notes of myrtle and Italian cypress before unfolding into middle notes of sandalwood and cedar. Base notes of spice, amber, and Brazilian rosewood ground and round out the scent.

Men love Tam Dao for more than just its heady and masculine fragrance. Its sillage is one of the strongest of any Diptyque house perfume, helping you leave a powerful impression and ensuring people think of you long after you’ve left the room. The creaminess of the sandalwood tempers the stronger notes, preventing the scent from becoming too overpowering. This makes Tam Dao the perfect cologne for business meetings, first dates, and other important moments where you want to stand out from the crowd.

3. L’Ombre Dans L’Eau

LOmbre Dans LEau


L’Ombre Dans L’Eau (French for “shadow in the water”) is a refreshing, flowery fragrance with lush green underpinnings. When it first touches the skin, it leaves fruity and floral top notes of bergamot, rose, cassis, blackcurrant, and mandarin. Middle notes consist of blackcurrant leaf, ambergris, and musk, which slowly blend into base notes of amber and myrrh.

If Tam Dao is one of the longer-lasting Diptyque fragrances for men, L’Ombre Dans L’Eau is its long-lasting counterpart for women. It rests delicately on the skin, creating a soft and subtle sillage that may not be immediately noticeable. However, its longevity is unmatched, and it holds up well to heat, sweat, and humidity. This hardy quality and the tangy green scent make L’Ombre Dans L’Eau an ideal fragrance for hot days at the peak of summer

4. Eau Rose

Eau Rose


True to its name, Eau Rose is a scent as feminine and delicate as dew-misted rose petals unfurling in the dawn. This fragrance opens with a cheery splash of bergamot, litchi, and black currant, before evolving into an intoxicating bouquet of jasmine, geranium, and rose. Lingering base notes of musk, cedar, and white honey mellow the scent and give it a woodsy final touch that lasts for hours.

These rose notes are delicate enough to please the most vocal floral haters. Though the floral top notes dissipate after about four hours, the musky base notes linger on the skin all day. This balanced blend of subtlety and strength make Eau Rose the perfect choice for everyday work wear, especially on warm spring or summer days.

5. Eau Lente

Eau Lente


Eau Lente is a luxurious men’s cologne inspired by the spice markets and smoky incense of the Orient. The initial notes treat your skin to clouds of cinnamon and clove. As the fragrance ages, it unearths middle notes of spices and cedar. Eventually, it dries down to base notes of sweet and spicy opoponax.

Eau Lente is warm, nostalgic, and comforting, making it the perfect scent for crisp fall days or long winter nights. And we mean long – it can linger on the skin for up to six hours. It’s the perfect complement for family-centered gatherings, such as reunions and holiday parties.

6. Do Son

Do Son


Do Son is a fresh, invigorating women’s scent inspired by a trip one of the Diptyque founders took to Vietnam as a child. The first spritz of this cologne carries sharp top notes of African orange flower and iris, before descending into heady middle notes of tuberose and pink pepper. Lingering base notes of benzoin and musk add sweetness and richness. Though this fragrance strikes a delicate balance and can be worn by men or women, the crisp florals make it more feminine.

Just as it walks a line between masculinity and femininity, Do Son is moderate in its longevity and sillage. The delicacy of its scent, along with the freshness and greenery of the notes, make Do Son an excellent choice for warm spring and summer days.

7. Fleur de Peau

Fleur de Peau


Launched in 2018, Fleur de Peau is Diptyque’s newest fragrance. This gorgeous, feminine perfume initially scents your skin with top notes of sweet and herby aldehydes, earthy angelica root, bright and citrusy bergamot, and sweet and smoky pink pepper. These gradually blend into gorgeous middle notes of Turkish rose and iris, before ending in subtle and woody base notes of ambrette, ambergris, amberwood, carrot, sandalwood, and leather.

The overall effect is understated but clean and innocent. This means that Fleur de Peau does not have the strongest sillage of the Diptyque fragrances, and the scent stays close to your skin rather than leaving a trail. However, Fleur de Peau is one of Diptyque’s longer-lasting scents, with some wearers getting up to ten hours of fragrance. These qualities make Fleur de Peau a fantastic “everyday” perfume for wearing to work, church, or anywhere else an ordinary day might take you.

8. Eau Duelle

Eau Duelle


Eau Duelle is Diptyque’s love letter to vanilla. This rich and heady men’s cologne begins with top notes of lively cardamom, lemony elemi, and tangy juniper. The middle notes of sweet saffron and warm calamus enliven the fragrance and make it spicier. Ultimately, the scent ends sweetly with base notes of creamy vanilla, smoky amber, and floral black tea. Astute noses will also pick up on a hint of balsam that underpins the fragrance the whole way through.

Eau Duelle has a very gentle sillage, and the scent tends to stay close to the skin. The longevity of this fragrance tends to vary and depends heavily upon the wearer, though wear times of between five and seven hours seem to be the average. The light sillage and middle-of-the-road longevity, along with the cozy scent reminiscent of winter holidays, make it a great choice for cold nights with family and friends.

9. Volutes



This irresistible men’s fragrance opens with luscious top notes of iris flower, tobacco, and a medley of dried fruits like apricots, dates, and figs. Middle notes of black and pink peppercorns, saffron, hay, and immortelle add complexity to the scent, while floral and musky base notes of opoponax, myrrh, styrax, and benzoin complete it. The entire experience is topped with a drizzle of golden honey, which gives the fragrance a trademark sweetness.

Volutes last for a deliciously long time, and its sillage is on the stronger side of the Diptyque catalog. Similar to Eau Duelle, it’s perfect for making fall or winter memories with loved ones. So if the florals or vanilla notes in Eau Duelle are too much for you, consider adding the honeyed musk of Volutes to your collection instead.

10. L’Eau de Tarocco

Eau de Tarocco

L’Eau de Tarocco is an irresistibly spicy and citrusy men’s cologne. Bright and boozy top notes of blood orange, sweet orange, and grapefruit open the fragrance, which matures and unfolds into spicy middle notes of ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon. Base notes of musk, frankincense, and cedar ground and round out the scent.

Fresh, bright, and citrusy, L’Eau de Tarocco is ideal for summertime and outdoor activities. Its light sillage means that you can spray it liberally without worrying about overwhelming others, and its delightfully long longevity signifies that it can hold up to heat, sweat, and humidity all day long.

How to Choose Your Diptyque Perfume

There are a few key factors to consider when selecting a Diptyque fragrance, such as:

Your preferences

This is the most important thing to consider when choosing a fragrance. Each perfume can be classified with a scent profile, such as floral, fruity, gourmand, spicy, or woodsy. A perfume’s dominant notes determine which scent profile it fits into.

o   Floral: These notes are derived from flowers, and are often described as “alluring,” “fresh,” or “pretty.” Examples of floral notes include rose, jasmine, and ylang-ylang. Floral lovers will adore scents like Eau Rose and Fleur de Peau.

o   Fruity: These notes are derived from or inspired by fruits, and are often described as “clean,” “citrusy,” and “fresh.” Examples of fruity notes include apple, lemon, and bergamot. Fruity fans will love fragrances like Philosykos and Eau de Tarocco.

o   Gourmand: These notes are derived from or inspired by food, typically sweets and bakery goods. They are described with words like “comforting,” “sweet,” and “homey.” Examples of gourmand notes include vanilla, coconut, and honey. If you love gourmand scents, you will love fragrances like Eau Duelle.

o   Spicy: These notes, as the name suggests, are derived from spices and/or incense. They can be described using words like “exotic” and “seductive.” Examples of spicy notes include cinnamon, myrrh, and patchouli. Spicy scent lovers should try exotic fragrances like Eau Lente.

o   Woodsy: These notes and derived from or inspired by the scents of the forest. They can be described as “warm” or “earthy.” Examples of woodsy notes include cedar, sandalwood, and vetiver. Fans of woodsy scents will love fragrances like Tam Dao.

 Experiences and memories

For many years, scientists have told us that scent is the most powerful trigger for memory. If you’ve ever caught a whiff of baking bread and been taken back to your childhood kitchen, or if the scent of a passerby’s perfume has reminded you of a former boyfriend or girlfriend, you’ll know how true that is. When selecting your Diptyque fragrance, reflect on good memories you have and then choose a perfume that helps you reminisce about them.


Consider what you spend most of your time doing, and where you spend most of your day. These factors can impact your fragrance more than you’d expect. In particular, think about:

Climate and season where you live

Certain scents work better in certain seasons and climates. For example, flowery or fruity fragrances like Eau Rose or Philosykos work beautifully in warm weather, as well as in the spring and summer. Meanwhile, spicy or woodsy fragrances, such as Eau Duelle and Tam Dao, bring warmth and beauty to cold climates and the fall or winter season.

Work and activities

Some fragrances are better suited to specific work environments than others. If you work outdoors or in an area with lots of open space and fresh air, a fragrance with strong sillage, such as L’Ombre Dans L’Eau, will help you stand out and feel confident. Meanwhile, if you work in an enclosed space and/or your coworkers are sensitive to smells, consider a perfume or cologne with a lighter sillage, like Fleur de Peau or Do Son.

This may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t need to be. Trying out different perfumes and finding the one that fits best is part of the fun of fragrance.

The Story of Diptyque

Diptyque (named for the Ancient Greek word “diptych,” referring to a painting split into two panels) was formed in 1961 by three creative geniuses:

  • Interior designer Christiane Gautrot
  • Painter Desmond Knox-Leet
  • Set designer and theatre administrator Yves Coueslot

The three came together at 34 Boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris. At first, the trio focused on creating and selling fabrics and wallpapers, rather than the fragrances they would later be famous for. In 1963, they took their first foray into fragrances with three scented candles. This led to their first perfume, called L’Eau, which launched in 1968.

Since then, the scent masters behind Diptyque have crafted fragrances redolent of their travels and experiences. They specialize in taking their wearers through a fragrant journey using their trademarked “olfactory landscapes.”

A Story Through Scent: Olfactory Landscapes

Each Diptyque fragrance tells a story and carries the scent and memory of a place one of the founders have traveled to. For example, the richly floral L’Ombre dans L’Eau brings an English rose garden to mind, while the citrusy notes of Eau de Tarocco are reminiscent of the Mediterranean seashore. The founders work with master perfumers like Olivia Giacobetti and Fabrice Pellegrin to tell their stories through scent.

Beauty in a Bottle

This story unfolds even more with Diptyque’s beautiful bottles. Each carries a distinct black-and-white, art deco-style label. Every label is embossed with an image inspired by the place the scent is based upon. For example, the Vietnam-inspired Do Son is labeled with a stencil of a Vietnamese pagoda.

A second drawing is etched on the back of the label and can be seen if you look through the bottle from behind.

Dedication to Quality

Each Diptyque bottle is filled with only the highest quality ingredients. The master perfumers look for the best raw materials from around the world, and then use refined sourcing techniques to collect them and turn them into perfume.

Committed to sustainability and ethical business practices, Diptyque partners with co-ops around the world to source the highest quality ingredients. Their methods and partnerships preserve the earth and support human rights.

Diptique Collections

Diptique has 69 perfumes in their collection, with the earliest edition in 1968 and the latest in 2020. This collection includes: 

  • Les Invite du 34
  • Les Eaux
  • La Collection 34
  • Eaux de Toilette
  • Eaux de Parfum
  • Diptyque’s Impossible Bouquet’s
  • Diptyque Raw Material In Colors
  • 34 Boulevard Saint Germain

In conclusion

For the scent masters at Diptyque, fragrance is about more than the scents that fill their bottles. It’s about coaxing the wearer on a journey to another time or place, and taking them back there with each spray. Whichever perfume you choose, you’re sure to be transported to another place.

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