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Chloé is a luxury fashion brand founded in Paris, France, with the goal of designing ready-to-wear luxury. Chloé perfumes are therefore created with an elegance and femininity to match their luxurious clothing design. The Chloé fragrances for women come in many different styles from floral, to fruity, to oriental scents. In this guide, we review the best-selling Chloé perfumes so that you can find your favorite as well.

10 Best Chloé Perfumes Reviewed

Chloé perfume is the perfect way to create a signature scent that will last all day long. They have many wonderful perfumes for women, so you’ll certainly find one that matches your style and personality. Below we’ve compiled a top 10 of the best Chloé perfumes so that you can pick out your favorite fragrance.

1. Chloé by Chloé EDP – Most popular and best seller

Chloe by Chloe EDP

What makes this perfume special? Chloé was created by Amandine Clerc-Marie and Michel Almairac who are devoted to long-lasting quality scents that capture the essence of iconic style. Chloé is a tribute to the mystery woman, her independence, her uncompromising personality. Immerse yourself in its intriguing mix of light, crisp, floral notes brightened with a touch of rose and freesia for an aptly feminine personality.

The seductive Eau de Parfum encompasses the heady scent of Peony and Litchi mingling with softer notes of Freesia and Rose to create an undeniably feminine fragrance with sensual undertones. As it dries down, Lily-of-the-Valley in delicate combination with Magnolia creates a subtle floral scent that is both enticing and provocative. The base notes complement the top and middle ranges with amber effortlessly coming into play without outshining any other note in this lighthearted elixir.

Its performance is soft, but it lasts on the skin for a good few hours. The light-hearted Chloé is perfect for everyday use and can become anyone’s signature scent by complementing their personality with its versatility: casual or formal wear. Daytime or nighttime. Warm weather or cool weather. All these are answered with this perfume.

Discover more in this in-depth review of Chloé Eau de Parfum.

2. Chloé Love Story

Chloe Love Story

Love is in the air, and with this fragrance made in 2014 by master perfumer Anne Flipo, you get to smell every bit of it. Chloé Love Story is made for the woman who longs for Parisian romance and wears her heart on her sleeve. A fresh, clean scent with white floral and citrusy notes that’s perfect for creating those unforgettable romantic moments.

Every woman has her story to tell, and with Love Story by Chloé, you can smell exactly like the goddess in your fairy tale romance.

Neroli, pear, bergamot, and lemon create a fruity opening for this fragrance that will make all of your fantasies come true over time as its middle notes reveal orange blossom, stephanotis, and rose with peach and black currant who are bound to set hearts racing. A sensual yet sophisticated aroma ensues as Musk’s hint of darkness builds up first before adding cashmirwood — think step into the pages of a fairytale crafted in lush Pine forests. Finally, Patchouli draws characters from antiquity with wisdom to share on life experiences past, which leaves you feeling wholly beautiful inside.

3. Chloé Roses de Chloé

Chloe Roses de Chloe

For its 50th anniversary, Chloé created Roses de Chloé. The perfume is a fresh and contemporary floral fragrance. As it embraces the wearer in its captivating embrace of sensual flowers, it captures that moment when love washes over you – gentle and graceful, with a touch from sparkling clean notes. Looking for the perfect fragrance to brighten your mood? Chloé Roses de Chloé will be an instant favorite. 

The top notes are litchi, bergamot and tarragon which bring a refreshing burst of citrus that is followed by fresh lemon at the heart; this leads you into the delicate floral tones of damask rose, magnolia, cedar and apple. Black currant brings depth with exotic spices like pepper and ginger while peach balances out everything with its sweet bourbon note. A powdery white musk will stay on your sensual skin all day long while amber finishes off the floral scent beautifully with woody notes.

Chloé Roses De Chloé means high-end florals in full bloom. The feminine floral composition of this perfume mesmerizes minds and captures hearts – evoking passionate romance while offering a fascinating hint of mystery.

4. Chloé Nomade 

Chloe Nomade

Nomade by Chloé is an ode to the free-spirited woman. A floral scent fusing woody notes with a burst of citrus, it’s as carefree and daring as its wearer. Capturing nomad spirit in a bottle, Nomade will have you ready to go anywhere and do anything at any given moment.

This fresh yet sexy scent evokes creativity, curiosity, and reckless abandon with top notes of mirabelle and bergamot mixed with lemon for zestiness. The heart yields freesia, rose, jasmine, and peach blossoms that create a floral bouquet in honor of nature’s beauty while patchouli grounds the aroma for warmth. 

Chloé Nomade is the perfect fragrance for those women who are carefree and spontaneous. When you wear this perfume, you’ll feel free to explore and create your own journey – confident and limitless. This perfume has garnered fame for its stylish bottle that mimics the Chloé Drew bag.

5. Chloé Narcisse

Chloe Narcisse

Chloé Narcisse by Chloé is the perfect perfume for all you stylish ladies that know how to take charge. This refreshing, floral fragrance will leave a lasting impression with a touch of soft spice.

Immediately after spraying Chloé Narcisse on your skin, you can smell a sweet and bitter aroma. Not quite sure what to make of it? Allow the fragrance to seep into your senses as you leave for work or school. With every step that you take, daffodil will catch up with its spicy orange blossom counterpart before they dissolve into sandalwood’s comforting vanilla-like embrace. A burst of creamy soft floral notes linger on through the day reminding us that the sweet Chloé Narcisse is always there with its elegant woodsy base.

This fragrance is perfect for any woman who wishes to feel captivating. From the originality of its fresh fruity top notes to the warmth of musky base notes, when wearing this perfume you’ll feel confident and pretty.

6. Chloé Nomade Absolu – Newest perfume

Chloe Nomade Absolu

Chloé Nomade Absolu is the latest fragrance in Chloé’s perfume collection and is about many journeys and discoveries. 

With a name like Nomade Absolu, one can only expect the new fragrance by Chloé to be set on leaving footprints of creative brilliance. Quentin Bisch has truly put his nose behind this daring creation. We cannot even wait to tell you what is coming your way. 

There is nothing as wild and spontaneous as Nomade Absolu. Forget everything you know about contemporary perfumes because this aroma will provide all-day perfection in just one spritz.

The complexity in this perfume starts with a fruity top note that lasts light and playfully, transitioning to notes of oakmoss, sandalwood, davana herb oils, which leads to a woodsy base. One whiff of this scent will have you thinking about dusty villages in Indochina and camel caravans across the Middle East.

The result? A modern, feminine fragrance that you’ll want to wear every day. What do you get with this perfume when day turns into dusk? A Nomade who has gathered energy from each place she has been and experiences living life simply…absolute.

7. Chloé Lavanda – Best perfume for men

Chloe Lavanda

This unique fragrance is an artistic take on lavender, the most seductive of flowers. Chloé Lavanda is a unisex fragrance created for women and men by perfumer Quentin Bisch. He revisits this note with a highly modern twist while enhancing every facet of Provençal lavender from aromatic freshness to sun-drenched fullness.

Bold and beautiful with a sense of sophistication, if this speaks to you then Lavanda is the Chloé fragrance for you. This fresh aromatic lavender scent will leave you feeling raw as if it’s just blossomed from the fields outside. Truly exquisite, we can’t recommend this more.

8. Chloé Fleur de Parfum

Chloe Fleur de Parfum


Intense, sensual, natural and elegant. These are the four words that best describe Chloé Fleur de Parfum introduced in July 2016 as a new edition of Chloé Eau de Parfum from 2008. 

Chloé Fleur de Parfum is the signature perfume for the modern woman, this unparalleled fragrance shines with a delicate blend of citrus and fruity top notes that lead to feminine floral bergamot and green grapefruit freshness. The heart is a bouquet of blooming florals, from rose to cherry blossom, black currant and peach, while base notes come in the form of rice which leads into white musk cedar glow.

Drench yourself in mystery with elegance… You can be as delicate or sultry as your heart desires. Whatever mood takes hold, this perfume’s mixed floral bouquet – lively verbena, juicy bergamot, playful grapefruit – is simply divine. Reason enough to always carry this treasure around wherever you go.

9. Chloé Love

Chloe Love

Chloé Love is a light, refreshing floral scent that balances femininity with sophistication for your day-to-night look. You’ll love the powdery and soft smell of this fragrance.

Chloé Love is the perfect fragrance for every woman. This floral, feminine scent pairs powdery notes with hints of spice to create something that both soothes and tantalizes. Looking for a perfume that has more depth than your average, a little bit of mystery but also confidence and elegance? Well, Chloé Love might just be what you’re looking for. Made with natural ingredients that will bring out your most precious self, this fragrance is all about giving off the attitude of love. 

Perfect for the fall and winter, or when you’re looking to get back into nature for some days to cut off from people. This scent will embrace you with a floral windy muskiness perfect for the fall inside your home or outside in nature.

 10. Chloé Rose Tangerine

Chloe Rose Tangerine

Chloé Rose Tangerine one of the newer additions to the Chloé perfume collections, is a fragrance that smells like biting into ripe tangerines. This fruity-floral scent has a bit of oriental flair for seductive appeal, making it perfect for any special occasion. 

The rose base provides an elegant backdrop to the tart citrus notes, while white amber lends depth and sophistication. With such a well-crafted balance, you’ll be ready to celebrate every day. 

Chloé Rose Tangerine is a modern confidence-boosting fragrance. It is created to inspire women to embrace their natural beauty, be true to themselves and live life to the fullest.

A Guide on How to Choose the Best Chloé Perfume

Choosing the right Chloé perfume may seem a daunting task, especially if you have never had one before. But if you know what kind of scents you like and go well with your body chemistry, this guide will make it a little easier to find the one that suits the best.

First and foremost, you need to figure out if you prefer floral, woody, fruity, or oriental notes.

Then, narrow down your list further by making a selection of the flowers, fruits, spices and other ingredients that you like or dislike. And start from there.

For the modern woman who loves a unique scent that combines fruits like sweet mirabelle plum and earthy notes, the Nomade Absolu will be your best friend on your endless adventures. If, on the other hand, lavender is your go-to flower when it comes to perfumes, you should try the Chloé Lavanda. Don’t let the “For Men” part confuse you, as this scent is a perfect example of a unisex fragrance. 

For the outdoorsy woman who needs some freshness and enjoys citrus notes like bergamot, verbena and green grapefruit, look nowhere else but with Chloe Fleur de Parfum. And if you like roses and tangerines, you can find all that with Chloé Rose Tangerine and wear it on any occasion. 
If none of these work for you, I suggest you start your Chloé journey with the most popular and best seller Chloé by Chloé EDP. What you get is not a single flower but an explosion of flowers like freesia, lily-of-the-valley, rose, magnolia, and peony that is not overpowering but perfect to wear every day.

Frequently Asked Questions About Chloé Perfume

What does Chloé perfume smell like?

Chloé perfumes are often described as smelling like fruit or flowers with some oriental influences.

Where to buy Chloé perfume?

Choé perfumes are available for purchase at Chloé boutiques, independent retailers and department stores.

What makes a Chloé perfume good?

A Chloé fragrance is distinctive, long-lasting, and suited for any occasion. The ingredients in the perfume have recognizable notes that are not too sweet or heavy so as to attract attention yet sophisticated enough to make an impression.

Is Chloé perfume cruelty-free?

No, Chloé perfume is not considered cruelty-free because its ingredients are tested on animals.

What makes a Chloé perfume good? 

A Chloé fragrance has recognizable notes and is neither too sweet nor heavy
A Chloé fragrance is distinctive, long-lasting and appropriates for any occasion. The ingredients in the perfume have recognizable notes that are not too sweet or heavy so as to attract attention yet sophisticated enough to make an impression.

Who wears Chloé perfume

Chloé perfume is worn by a vast array of women from all walks of life. Chloé perfumes are not generic or too sweet and heavy to attract attention but they have recognizable notes that make an impression without being too intense, which is why many women wear them for any occasion.

Why is Chloé perfume so expensive

The price range of Chloé perfumes are from $50-$200. Chloé is a luxury brand and high-end, which means that the price will be higher than most other perfumes on the market.

Where is Chloé perfume made

Chloé perfume is made in France, which is considered the perfume capital of the world.

Who owns Chloé perfume

The Chloé brand was founded in 1952 by Gaby Aghion but is bought and owned by the parent company Richemont which also owns other luxury brands like Cartier, Montblanc and Van Cleef & Arpels.

What brand is Chloé perfume?

Chloé is a French luxury fashion house that is known for its ready-to-wear luxurious designs and collections.

How many Chloé perfumes are there?

There are currently a total number of 46 perfumes in Chloé’s fragrance collection.

What is the original Chloé perfume called?

The original Chloé perfume is simply called, Chloé.

Is Chloé perfume long-lasting?

The performance of a perfume is different for everyone. Chloé perfumes are known to last up to eight hours on the skin and have a light, comfortable scent for all-day wear.

What is the classic Chloé perfume?

The most classic perfume in the Chloé collection is Chloé by Karl Lagerfield. It was created in 1975 and long considered to be the signature Chloé fragrance. However, since then the perfume has been reformulated and now goes by the name Parfums Chloé. A more current classic of Chloé perfume is Chloé Eau de Parfum, a floral fragrance released in 2008.

The Story of Chloé Perfume

The Chloé journey started in 1952 when Gaby Aghion, and her partner, Jacques Lenoir, established the French fashion house Chloé. In 1957, the Egyptian-born designer, was the first person to coin the phrase “ready-to-wear”, during the Golden Age of Haute couture. Chloé was the first design house that had clothes ready to be purchased and worn and not ordered from a tailor.

Despite the huge fashion success, it wasn’t until 1975 that the design house released their first perfume, Parfums Chloé. Today, there are 49 Chloé fragrances to suit any taste, personality, and mood. 

Chloé Gift Sets

One Chloé perfume is never enough for any woman, so Chloé came up with the idea of gift sets and miniatures. These are also ideal for the woman who can’t decide on one Chloé perfume so she has a variety of 3 or 4 different ones. Some sets like Chloé and Chloé Love Story include perfume and a body lotion. The miniatures are normally a set of 4 scents, 5ml each. They can be either EDP or EDT. The newest is Chloe Nomade, a 3-piece gift set for women, that includes a 75ml Eau de Parfum spray, 5ml Eau de Parfum mini (splash) and a 100ml perfumed body lotion.

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